Who will win the winner’s board?

Who will win the winner's board?

The kleinkunst-brettla ends the year with a highlight. On saturday, 25. November, the final of the fourth small arts and cabaret award "kulmbacher brettla" takes place. The following four top-class artists are nominated for the final: nora boeckler, stefan kroll, sertac mutlu and henning schmidtke.

The public decides

The prize is endowed with 2400 euro. The winner will receive 1,200 euros, the runner-up 600 euros and places 3 and 4 300 euros each. Each nominee plays in about 30 minutes for the favor of the spectators. The audience will then decide (by secret ballot) at the end of the evening on the ranking.
This charming format has been preserved – and when do you ever see four artists on one stage in one evening?. Moderated by KKB chairman manfred spindler. Last year christine eixenberger won the competition, she is now a well-known tv artist. This year, there were over 70 applications from germany, austria, switzerland and the czech republic. This shows that competition is now perceived internationally.

The finalists

In her first solo program "spab ist mir ernst" (spab is serious to me) nora boeckler captivates with intelligent humor. With a talent for transformation and self-irony, nora introduces us to unique characters in an entertaining way: from her swabian mother, whose goal is to finally get her married, to the full-blooded therapist wiebke wagner, to jaqueline alias chucky, the next star in the casting show sky, and many more.
Stefan kroll presents himself as a connoisseur of bavarian history in his program "gruam"- bavaria from below!" When one thinks of bavaria, one likes to think of a woman-blue sky, grassy pastures in front of an alpine panorama, or glittering lakes. Very few people think of a "gruam. Dim, musty, mysterious. One could also say: the crap that falls through the cracks, that which is gladly suppressed or even hushed up. Yet it is precisely the abysmal that exerts such a rough fascination. Kroll has courageously placed himself at the edge of forbidden abysses, dared a look into deep cellars or behind polished backdrops, even sometimes with a glass in his hand.
Sertac mutlu is a real surprise package. For the young kolner inspires from the first moment with his variety on the stage. With his talent for slipping into different roles, he lets the audience discover people we all know – whether the typical don man or pumped-up gym owner. And despite everything, his observations sit far from all cliches. A stand-up comedian for every generation.
The piano virtuoso henning schmidtke presents a decelerated cabaret program ("hetzkasper – zu blod fur burnout") about the stuff life is made of: time. Always fairly distributed, because everyone has exactly the same amount: 24 hours a day. But are we still in the right movie if we want to invest, win, save time? Those who can't keep up with the pace and end up in hospital at least still have an intelligent body that has seen through the madness of life. The others continue and become a hothead.