The months with “r” are coming

The months with

"We don't want roast or roulades, but half a carp can't hurt us", this is a line of text from the carp song, which has been in existence since 1999. On thursday evening martin oberle and regina dukart have tuned it up again to ring in the new carp season.
The guests from the world of politics were treated to a three-course menu in the fischerstube in the fortuna kulturfabrik throughout the evening. So for starters there were all kinds of cold carp dishes, while carp fillet strips and various salads were served as the main course. For dessert there was also a chocolate cream. For the guests, food and drinks were free of charge that evening. Organizer regina dukart and her colleagues have already looked for sponsors in advance to support this evening. So the blue lowe, zum lowenbrau, the brewhouse hochstadt, the gaststatte prechtel from uehlfeld, the fish jakob and the inn 3 kronen participated.

Region works well together

Also at the rough participation of the sponsors one notices that the region cooperates well in the matter of carps. "It is important that we stand together in the rural region", said mayor jens kurgermeister, explains first mayor gerald brehm (JL). In the past few years, restaurateurs in the region were persuaded to sell only carp from the aischgrund region. "We still have many opportunities to develop this region further", says gabi schmidt (). Accordingly, it is important to forge further links with other districts.
Regina dukart is already working on this. She plans a pond culture park. These are to be smaller resorts, spread over three different counties in total. At the individual sites there will be, among other things, a barbecue area or a viewing pond. Currently, the company is in contact with 17 communities, including hochstadt, adelsdorf, vestenbergsgreuth and uehlfeld, which are showing interest in the project. But sports are also important: people want to install hiking and cycling facilities. About so-called "points of interest information about the history and interesting facts is to be provided at info pillars. This is how a "playful learning" should take place, dukart said, for all age groups, there are. Now a working group is being convened, which is to determine concrete plans by november.
One of the plans of the LAG aischgrund (local working group aischgrund) is to strengthen the youth in the pond farming sector. "We have to try to challenge the pond keepers in a way that makes it worthwhile", dukart declares. In turn, she hopes for greater interest among young people again. She goes on to say: "we want to achieve a higher price for the pond keepers".

Otter is a problem

This year they had a more difficult time. The ponds are not completely full, some ponds have remained completely empty. Other animals also cause problems for the carp. A bavaria-wide problem is the otter, according to martin oberle. Especially in the upper palatinate it is currently living even more frequently. Nevertheless, there have already been traps in france. "We have the feeling that it's spilling over," says, he explains.
Beaver and cormorant also worry pond keepers. "The pond industry has never had such major problems as now", says oberle with regard to these animals. According to this, one has also tried a lot to protect the carp. Many ponds are simply too rough for the traditional means such as nets over the water. That is why oberle demands: "these animals must be reduced". But if there was another way to protect the carp and still keep the beaver and cormorant alive, oberle said they would be happy to do it. But these are not seen at present. Overall, according to oberle, this year's yield was slightly below average.
Despite the problems, however, on thursday one celebrated calmly into the months with "R" in the name, because the aischgrund carp continues to be a quality product. "I think there is nothing healthier and better", so gabi schmidt. And as it says in the carp song: "all people want carp from the aischgrund".