The light of peace makes the rounds in konigsberg

The light of peace makes the rounds in konigsberg

"Right to peace", this is the end of the action of the light of peace. In germany, scouts distribute the light of peace from bethlehem and carry it to hospitals, kindergartens, police stations and prisons, asylum seekers' homes, churches, town halls, shopping centers and the bundestag.

The light of peace is a sign of hope and solidarity – regardless of religion, ideology or skin color, as the initiators explain. It is distributed to all people who are of good will and wish for peace. The "light of peace" campaign was launched in 1986 by the austrian radio station. Every year, a child who has distinguished himself or herself through special commitment ignites the light of peace at the flame of the grotto of christ's birth in bethlehem. The light is brought to vienna by plane and distributed in an outdoor service.

Small contribution to peace
The 220.000 scouts in germany want to make a small contribution to peace by passing on the light of peace from bethlehem. In doing so, they follow the mission of their founder, lord robert baden-powell, who said: "no one knows what form peace will take. But one thing is essential for lasting peace: the change to closer mutual understanding, the dismantling of prejudices and the ability to see with the eye of the other person in friendly sympathy." Since 1993, scouts have been taking the light of peace to people and institutions during advent. The small flame is distributed in light tablets all over europe.

On sunday evening the light of peace from wurzburg also arrived in konigsberg. Buried it was in the catholic st. St. Joseph's church on the upper salt market. Wolfgang winter, chairman of the ring of german scout associations in the district of habberge, pastor stephan eschenbacher and pastor volkmar botsch explained the meaning, significance and background of the peace light campaign.

Fair and considerate
Afterwards, the numerous participants in the action, accompanied by the small light, made their way to the protestant marienkirche, pausing once again at three impulse stations along the way. On this day, young people together with pastor volkmar botsch asked for fair and considerate behavior towards each other at school, in the family and on the sports field.

After the entry into the dark marienkirche, under the thought "you lose nothing, if you light with your candle the candle of someone else!" Lighting the candles of the participants with the flame of the light of peace.

After the common our father and the blessing by pastor botsch, the participants of the action left the house of god with their light of peace to give it to their fellow men who wish for peace, in the sense of the motto of the action "right to peace"!" To pass on.