The defendant only understood the train station

The defendant only understood the train station

It’s so easy to see each other again: district court judge sieglinde tettmann and a 56-year-old housewife had only met in august. At the time, the woman from the district of kulmbach was a witness in the proceedings against her daughter – yesterday she was the defendant.

The first trial was about an incident at the job center. Insult was the charge. What happened at the time was described yesterday once again by the employee concerned. The daughter came to the talk with her mother. The younger woman had wanted a hartz IV back payment because she had not received child benefits.

According to the witness, he told her that he could not write a check and that she would have to clear the problem with the child support office.

Yelling at the job center

A piece of information that got the younger woman excited. What happened next, the man knew very well. On her way out, she had insulted him and – with her mother in tow – had scolded him: "you son of a bitch!. I am just being made fun of here. You’re all wankers." The judge wanted to know whether the 56-year-old had perhaps already left the room and not heard anything. "No, she wasn’t yet a robber", said the witness. "And I assume that everyone in the room heard it."

In the proceedings against her daughter, the housewife was made aware of her duty to tell the truth as a witness and of her right to refuse to testify, the judge stated. She made a statement that was recorded verbatim. The exclamation "you son of a whore" I didn’t hear you, you can be sure of that.

Courts do not like it at all

The courts don’t like that at all. Because they need witnesses who tell the truth. Otherwise, justice does not work. That’s why the woman herself has now been charged with perjury. She appeared in court without a defense lawyer.

"What a nonsense, to make yourself liable to prosecution for something like that", said the judge. At the time, she tried to build a bridge for the 56-year-old. "There was nothing I could do, I talked my head off", said tettmann – the woman had not thought over her testimony. You can guess something, but to be 100% sure of something, you have to be absolutely certain.

Now I get it?

The judge asked: "do you understand now what you have done wrong??" No, said the accused: "actually net!" But that did not help her either. The prosecution demanded a ten-month prison sentence with probation and 100 hours of work, as the woman has already had several run-ins with the law: five previous convictions, including nine counts of aiding and abetting computer fraud and fraud, but also two probation sentences.

Not unpacked the shovel

In the end, the defendant called the whole process "unfair". Because: "I have actually done nothing." Explanations and lectures during the trial had obviously been of no avail. Nevertheless, the court was lenient. Tettmann: "i don’t mean you have to get out the shovel." They like it with a fine: 150 daily rates of ten euros each. Which did not make the woman happy either. "How to do it, it’s wrong – I’m the blode now", she said on her way out.