The appeal of politics appeals to barbara becker

The appeal of politics appeals to barbara becker

She would give up everything. At least all that she has built up professionally. Barbara becker would "very, very much like" to become a member of the state parliament. "The stimulus is really rough," confesses the 47-year-old from wiesenbronn.

She had her first experience with politics when she was 17 years old. At that time still on the other side. Becker has been active in the protestant rural youth movement and was already state chairwoman at the age of 17. She was fascinated by the behind-the-scenes discussions with politicians, but also by the struggle for compromises behind the doors – and the subsequent presentation of the results. "You still have to present the compromise you have found as your own result."

For her, politics is the struggle to find the best ideas; it’s always about trying to get your way – and finding good rules for living together. She is impressed by the way people live and work together in the CSU. But becker was not a member of the young people’s union, rather a political latecomer. The discussion about crucifixes in public buildings has convinced her. "As a christian, i liked the clear position of the CSU," she recalls. "That appealed to my inner values."

Becker then went to three events and was convinced that she had found her political home. "Everyone listened to me and was open to my ideas," she says.

Now she wants to enter the election campaign for the CSU and become the successor of dr. Otto hunnerkopf to become a deputy in the state parliament. She can’t imagine anything more exciting at the moment. She already knows her most important concern as a possible member of the state parliament: making it possible for people in the region to live well – that is something of a life theme for her.

After studying education in bamberg, she moved back to her hometown and lives with her husband and two grown-up children in the middle of town, with a pigsty opposite. In order to attract young people back to the countryside after they have completed their education, political positions were needed, she says. "Digital offers on site and natural workplaces."Companies therefore had to be helped in order to maintain their competitiveness in rural areas as well. Last but not least, she organized public transportation differently. "The buses are half empty, the call-sharing cab is not being used to its full potential," she says. Becker envisages an app-based solution. Digital and thus flexible driving and ridesharing services.

She is clear about the three issues that she will focus on as a member of the state parliament: agriculture, health and the economy. "But as a newcomer, i naturally had to take a step back at first," she says. The latter will probably be the most difficult for her.