State medal for ewald munch

State medal for ewald munch

Ewald munch actually had to report for rehabilitation yesterday, which lasted several weeks. But for the honor in munich, he postponed it: "I was able to postpone it by one day, he smiles.

He was completely surprised by the invitation from the state ministry for food, agriculture and forestry to be honored. "I didn't expect that at all." The man from gossersdorf has rendered special services to agriculture in his 20 years as district chairman of the bavarian farmers' association (BBV). And it was precisely this that prompted the 61-year-old to be awarded the silver state medal for his many years of commitment, after he had only been appointed honorary district chairman in july.

"As an individual, you can't make much of a difference, emphasizes munch. This was probably also a reason for the numerous offices, up to and including the tax and finance policy committee of the BBV, which he had accepted over the years. This brought him into contact with high-ranking politicians such as georg fahrenschon and christine scheel. The latter, in particular, was able to convince him with her specialist knowledge. This was not the case for all politicians, emphasizes munch, thinking of former agriculture minister renate kunast.

Death of the father
After the death of his father, munch had to help out in his parents' farm at the age of 16. "That was my hardest time", recalls the 61-year-old, who later successively expanded the business with his wife karola. 20 years ago, when the BBV was looking for a new board member, the 61-year-old agreed to become deputy chairman of the district council – but not any longer. The leadership was actually supposed to be taken over by someone else, but he withdrew his candidacy at the meeting. "When I came home, I was the district chairman."

"I couldn't say anything at first, his wife remembers a certain state of shock that only slowly subsided. "Sometimes I wonder how we managed it all", today she takes it with humor.

"But I was happy to do it", ewald munch looks back on his time as district chairman, during which he got to know many nice people, not only in the district. Looking back, he is particularly pleased about the construction of a new business location in kronach. He does not have such fond memories of the BSE crisis in 2001. "It was a very difficult time, because you didn't know how things would develop." Even though he didn't know what the future would bring, he kept answering the questions not only of the farmers but also of the people. Talking to the consumer has always been a very important task for him. In general, he says, it is important to introduce children to the products of farmers. However, advertising is destroying many things.

Munch has been farming for 45 years. During this time, he has experienced many things and has been to demonstrations in bonn, strasbourg and brussels to represent the interests of farmers. To keep a farm alive, munch says it needs a good track of the natural cycle. "You have to work with nature, not against it." Although he undoubtedly has this track, he gave up cattle farming two years ago. "When you've been rotating for so many years, there comes a time when you don't like it anymore, stresses munch, who is now "only" a farmer still focused on agriculture and forestry.

After also resigning from his post as county chairman earlier this year "i think i left at the right time" – he now has a little more free time, which he gives to his grandchildren, among others. "And if you can stay down for two hours longer on sunday, that's already", stresses the 61-year-old, who is optimistic about the future of agriculture. "Ten years ago, such a statement would have been more difficult to make. In the meantime, new opportunities for farmers had opened up, not least as a result of the renewable energy law. "A lot has been invested in recent years. Therefore I am quite confident."