Short night after silver: luckenkemper flat and happy

After her 100-meter sprint to silver in the european championships, gina luckenkemper still had to complete a marathon.

"I was in the mixed zone for interviews for an eternity after the final, the doping control was 20 minutes past midnight". Shortly before one I was then in the EM club and around 2.30 o'clock finally at the hotel," said germany's fastest woman the morning after her run.

"At 7.The alarm clock rang at 3 p.M. This morning, and shortly before 8:30 a.M. I was on the ARD morning news program," said the 21-year-old, who finished under 11 seconds twice – in the semifinals and in the final – in the berlin olympic stadium. This is the barrier that separates two worlds in women's sprinting. In the final, the 10.98 seconds were worth silver, luckenkemper was only beaten by british dina asher-smith (10.85).

That the uber 34.000 spectators really got into the mood, which gina luckenkemper found "just awesome". But she has to let others tell her about her finale. "I have the total film tear. I don't know what happened yesterday at all anymore. Only that I threw myself into the finish line," said the exceptional athlete the day after the race.

The silver plaque now comes on top of the many other medals that the top german sprinting talent has already won. "Under the glass plate in the living room table. That's where they all lie," revealed the fleet-footed gina, who won the 4x-100-meter event on the final sunday-

wants to strike again in the second season. Two medals at the european athletics championships in berlin – that's what the athlete from bayer leverkusen had set her sights on.

Many things in life are important to the self-confident young woman from soest in westphalia, but first and foremost is her family. Her parents and boyfriend were also in the stadium on the silver final evening. She completes five to six training sessions a week, and is studying business psychology at the ruhr university in bochum. And she also cares for her godchild in ghana.

Your horse picasso will be well taken care of at home on the heiben days. "He always gets his water, and i regularly get photos from the stable owner. A friend of mine is now riding him for me," luckenkemper said. "I am already looking forward to the smell of the stall when i come home next week."

Luckenkemper ran her best time at the world championships in london a year ago: 10.95 seconds. In the eternal german best list, there are now (still) six sprinters ahead of her – all from the GDR, who ran between 1982 and 1988.

Luckenkemper has therefore also spoken out in favor of two different record and best lists. Doping is and remains an undoing for her. "I could never put my body through that. And I couldn't do it to my conscience," she said. "To destroy my body wantonly for a medal, it is not worth it to me."