Rodentals youth female what she wants

Mayor marco steiner and his councillor believe that much more attention needs to be paid to the ideas and interests of young people to keep rodental fit for the future. That's why they organized a future workshop in which young rodentalers aged between twelve and 18 were invited to share their ideas. Mayor marco steiner and seven city council members listened to the ideas of the young people and discussed them with them. 90 young people accepted the invitation and gathered at the middle school in rodental to share their thoughts with city officials.

The wishes, ideas and demands expressed by the young people were linked to four themes. The moderators of the individual groups (board members of the coburg district youth ring and members of the youth parliament of the town of rodental) supported the participants and summarized the results briefly. In a voting process, the topics desired by most of the participants were filtered out and discussed in interest groups before mayor steiner and his city councilor had to give their first opinion.

On the wall "rub off, build up" the idea of using a vacant building in rodental for a trampoline hall or even bringing in a KFC or mcdonalds was put forward. Fashion shops were also on the wish list, and the young people agreed that a youth club or disco would be a great idea.

Schoolwork missed

A further wall summarized which points of criticism concern the youth in the matter of public local traffic. "From A to B – fully okay?", the question was. It quickly became clear that there are massive problems here, for example, missed school assignments due to late arrivals, uncoordinated train and bus schedules, and an inadequate bus connection to coburg.

The third wall was dedicated to the topic of "school – training – work" recorded. The participants named better air-conditioned classrooms, generally gentler classrooms, but also more interesting lessons, more teachers and more nature and environmental protection topics in the lessons as wishes. Also a separate high school for rodental was a concern. A very important point for the schools is the possibility to work during the vacations. Here they found a ferienjobborse super, this was simplified some.

On the fourth wall with the title "if i were mayor …" the young people could give free rein to their imagination. The ideas of the young people were by no means outlandish. Many simply reiterated the thoughts they had already expressed on the other three topics, so that the most important and broad themes emerged.

Mayor steiner and his city councillors patiently and seriously address the concerns of the participants. No idea was dismissed as unrealizable. They wanted to examine everything and, if necessary, use the ideas and views as a guide for negotiations with possible investors. The wish for a vacation job exchange should be tackled immediately. In addition, there was a commitment that ideas that did not receive the most support in the evening's voting would be tested for further interest and feasibility.

The event was prepared and accompanied by the coburg district youth ring (jurgen ruckert and claudia engelhardt) in cooperation with the municipal youth work of the coburg district (susanne lange), the youth parliament of the town of rodental, the youth representative of the town of rodental, jutta franz, and the youth welfare officer of the town of rodental, robert pechauf. The evening was moderated by tim pechauf (radio 1 coburg).

The coburg district youth ring will summarize the evening's results. Together with the district's municipal youth welfare office, the district youth council will continue to monitor the issues and act as a point of contact for young people in the long term, according to a press release. On the evening of the event, 24 young people declared their willingness to continue working on the implementation of their wishes.

As a reward for the good and concentrated work, there was a raffle at the end of the game. Here it became clear that the rodental companies had also responded positively to the idea of the future workshop. For the over 100 prizes were quite attractive. There were, for example, driving school, entrance, shopping and gastronomic vouchers.