Pope deplores indifference and selfishness during stations of the cross

Pope deplores indifference and selfishness during Stations of the Cross

Pope francis lamented "hearts armored by political calculus" at the stations of the cross in rome on good friday.

The fate of abused women and victims of human trafficking was at the center of the atmospheric procession at the colosseum, which commemorated the sufferings of jesus in the evening. 15.Vatican says 000 faithful watched the ceremony. Pope francis celebrated the good friday liturgy in st. Peter’s basilica.

The way of the cross is a centuries-old tradition that reenacts jesus’ suffering to the crucifixion in 14 stations. Pope francis said a prayer at the end of the project. In it, he lamented not only the isolation from migrants, but also the indifference and selfishness of the people. He also drew attention to climate change: the earth is suffering "seriously," but people’s eyes are selfish and blinded by greed and power.

Francis also remembered the children who were "violated in their innocence and purity," which can be understood as an allusion to sexual abuse by clergy. The church, which according to francis "constantly feels attacked from within and without", is in deep crisis because of scandals of abuse and its cover-up in several countries of the world.

The words read at the stations of the stations of the cross were written by the italian nun eugenia bonetti. She is committed to women who are forced into prostitution. What she describes is striking: for example, she tells of "a minor with a petite little body" whom "i met one night in rome, where manners were queuing up in luxurious carriages to exploit these girls". Also the death of refugees in the desert or in the mediterranean sea was denounced.

Easter is the most important feast for christians. The high point is the easter vigil, which the pontiff celebrates with a liturgy on saturday evening in st. Peter’s cathedral. The resurrection of jesus christ is central to the christian faith. On sunday the pope gives the blessing "urbi et orbi".

Christians also commemorated the crucifixion and death of jesus in jerusalem and in many other cities around the world. In several processions they went through the old city of jerusalem. Monks walked in their brown and black robes along the via dolorosa, believers sang and carried wooden crosses. Protestants went on pilgrimage to the evangelical erloserkirche, catholics to the church of the grave.

The church of the holy sepulchre in jerusalem stands on the site where jesus died and was resurrected according to the christian faith. Masses are also celebrated in the church of the holy sepulchre on holy saturday and easter sunday. The israeli government agreed on friday to allow hundreds of christians from the gaza strip, which is blockaded by the country, to travel to east jerusalem and the west bank for easter.

Good friday also coincided with the start of the jewish passover festival. Since it is a pilgrimage festival, many judaic visitors are also expected in jerusalem during these days.