No more valid water permits for 40 years

The municipality of unterleinleiter has no longer had water permits for one discharge point for mixed water and eleven discharge points for rainwater into the sewer system, in some cases for 40 years. However, this permit is required in order to discharge wastewater or precipitation water from a sewer system into a receiving water body.

The fact that these permits have long since expired was only now discovered during the review of the dischargers into the ebermannstadt clarification plant. For the municipality of unterleinleiter, this now means that no valid decisions are available and documents for the application of a restricted water law permit must be prepared and submitted by the end of the year. And this in turn can be expensive for the municipality, because then possibly also tree removals must take place.

First, however, an investigation is necessary. For this was unanimously commissioned the office weyrauther after an offer in the amount of no more than 5000 euros gross. The lawyer in the council, ernst konig (DWV), was very surprised, because these discharge points have existed for a long time. The fact that water permits expire after 20 years and then have to be renewed is a mechanism that has been known for a long time, according to konig, who emphasized: "I was shocked by the whole thing."

Notices expired in 1980 and most recently in 2006. "We can no longer get rid of the black peter", said mayor alwin gebhardt (DWV), who can only explain this with a provision of the administration. In addition, however, in all these years the district office forchheim has not pointed this out.

Alexander ebert from the administration explained that this is all connected with the clearing plant in ebermannstadt: "everything is now up for review." After the expertise of the planning office, the work will really begin. "There is still a lot to come for the municipality", said ebert.

"This will set us back financially by quite a bit", the mayor found. In ebermannstadt and the municipality of wiesenttal, too, there were problems with expired water permits. If the application is not submitted by 1. If the project is successfully completed by january 1, it can be expected that the district office of forchheim will issue a notice of discharge. According to the law, this would result in a wastewater levy, which could be very expensive. The aim must now be to obtain a restricted permit for a period of three years. The second step was to obtain a water law permit for the entire catchment area of the ebermannstadt clarification plant from 2024 onwards, with a permanent permit for the next 20 years.