Niederfullbach community council discusses the consequences of heavy rainfall

niederfullbach community council discusses the consequences of heavy rainfall

Problems during heavy rain was a topic at the community council meeting on monday evening. According to bastian buttner (CSU), the burgers in bergstrabe are struggling with water in the cellars. Heavy rain, says buttner, pushes the manhole covers up, causing water to run into the basements of residents' homes. Mayor martin rauscher (upwg) said that this was not the responsibility of the municipality. "Every homeowner must protect himself from heavy rainfall." The problem, according to frank gallinsky, is not only in the bergstrabe, but also in the simonsgasse, where the manhole covers are being squeezed out. According to tina grobmann (upwg), a blockage could be the cause, and here again leaves could be the cause, because the water in the parkstrabe also stands 30 to 40 centimeters high during heavy rains. "Where there are trees, you should look more often than twice a year", advised grobmann.

Will the firefighters be lukewarm??

The good news: the new construction of the fire station is progressing well. The m acceptance process is expected to be largely completed before the end of the year. The new construction of the fullbach bridge and the trenching work in uferstrabe and parkstrabe are also on schedule. The meeting also dealt with the power connection that is to be installed in the new fire department building. Two options, either a power cable with 80 kilowatts or one with 40 kilowatts, were presented by mayor martin rauscher. The difference in the costs amounts to 5000 to 6000 euro, so rauscher. He therefore favored the 40 kilowatt connection. "I think we can do without 80 kw, even at the risk of having a lukewarm shower." But the local councilors did not agree: CSU faction spokesman kilian von pezold wanted to hear the responsible engineering office on the subject, as did erika kraub ( SPD). Thomas schollchen (upwg) suggested that the administration also have other alternatives to the instantaneous water heater tested. The topic was therefore postponed to the next meeting.

Municipality does not want to pay

With the approach of the "DB netz AG" on the territory of the municipality of niederfullbach, the municipal council is known to disagree. As reported, a bridge was built in niederfullbach against the will of the municipality in the course of the new ICE railway line. Now the railroad crossing at the junction of highway 303 has to be removed and the community of niederfullbach will be asked to pay for it. The removal of the light system will cost over 12000 euros, one third of the cost will be paid by the municipality. Rauscher: "we will consult a lawyer."

Frank gallinsky (CSU) wanted to know how many mixed sewers actually existed in the municipality of niederfullbach. The background: gallinsky believes the contributions that niederfullbach pays to the wastewater association are too high. It is now to be tested.

With one vote against, that of frank gallinsky, the council passed the budget. Gallinsky missed positions in the plan that are important from his point of view, such as playgrounds in the castle park. The deficit at the end of the year is expected to be 107,650 euros, and the debt 1,397,297 euros. For the construction of the new fire station, an investment of 1.5 million is included in the plan.

One or two polling stations?

In the coming election, the citizens were allowed to go to the polls in two polling stations. For it the municipal council with scarce majority of seven to six voices spoke out. Accordingly, the fire station and the gymnasium will be open. There was discussion about possibly setting up only one polling station and employing more election workers for this purpose. Bernd robberg (SPD), who has 25 years of experience as an election worker, advised against it: "with four ballots, one local is not enough, there are voters lining up." On the other hand, the council unanimously decided to pay 50 euros to the election workers.