New supply truck for fire department lichtenfels

New supply truck for fire department lichtenfels

The year 2012 was the year of the missions in the county. The current year 2013 is the year of the acquisitions, of necessary acquisitions, with new approaches. The county and municipalities are currently investing over three million euros in the provision of vehicles and equipment. Four identical TLF 4000 coarse tank fire trucks were purchased for the municipalities of bad staffelstein, burgkunstadt, michelau and lichtenfels, a rust truck for the michelau fire department, and an HLF 20 emergency rescue vehicle for the altenkunstadt fire department, a respiratory protection/radiation protection truck for the altenkunstadt fire department, a third turntable ladder for the district, to be stationed in ebensfeld, and finally a supply truck with crane, winch and extensive special equipment for the lichtenfels fire department/main hazard protection train.

Replacement was necessary
Since the founding of the lichtenfels/main fire department from the former THW local association in 1995, several used vehicles formerly owned by the federal government have been stationed in oberwallenstadt. After these vehicles had become outdated in the meantime, the responsible persons began to consider the subject of replacement procurement. From three used, between 30 and 50 years old, formerly federally owned vehicles with extensive special loads and three trailers, the fire department of lichtenfels/main developed a unique and cost-effective universal vehicle concept.

Saving was necessary
On sunday the inauguration of the new fire truck took place in the well-filled town hall of lichtenfels with the participation of the district fire department leadership as well as representatives of numerous fire departments from the urban area. "Since we were aware that the financial resources of both the county and the municipality are not exactly abundant to order three new trucks, we considered how we could nevertheless maintain or even improve the operational capability and effectiveness of the emergency response unit with fewer resources", says chairman georg storath.

The new truck was to be a supply vehicle, the load was to be loaded on so-called roll containers. In the future, these roll containers are to be quickly stowed on the car, in addition to a basic load, depending on the type of operation, storath continued.

Now it was time to discuss the new concept with the crew, of which everyone in the emergency response team was convinced. The planning for the new concept was one thing, but a much bigger challenge was the compilation of the roll containers. In these, on euro pallet size the entire equipment should be accommodated. After the cataloging of all the equipment, it was sorted by area of operation.

In august, the members of the emergency response team took delivery of the new truck at the hartmann company in alsfeld.

The chairman expressed special thanks to the deputy commander, oliver schardt. He has invested an enormous amount of time in the new vehicle over the past three years.

Mayor bianca fischer said it was a matter of honor to be present at this vehicle dedication, because it showed the cohesion of the firefighters among themselves. She presented the two commanders and the two chairmen with a baked "key".

This was followed by greetings from mdb emmi zeulner and landrat christian meibner (both CSU).

Good basis for future operations
District fire chief timm vogler described it as a wonderful thing to be present at the inauguration ceremony for a new fire engine. With the official handover of the new supply truck, the prerequisite has been created for the "mainer" to be able to provide its services in the future firefighters can continue their work under the best possible conditions, said vogler.

Peter dorsam from the manufacturing company explained that this supply truck is a unique piece of equipment. Due to the height of the entrance to the fire station, the loading crane had to be changed.

Afterwards the blessing ceremony took place by fire department chaplain alfred bernhardt and pastor ralph-peter zettler. Following a powerpoint presentation, the deputy commander showed background information about the new vehicle with the call name "florian lichtenfels/main 81/1". The MAN chassis with standard double cab is equipped for a squadron crew (six men in total). The engine power is 290 hp with a total weight of 14 tons. The vehicle has permanent four-wheel drive, an automated transmission, level-controlled air suspension and appropriate additional equipment such as a rearview camera and an intercom system for the rear area. A recovery winch with a pulling force of five tons was installed on the vehicle. In the double cab, two of the four breathing apparatuses are loaded in special fast-attack seats, so that they can already be put on by the apparatus carriers during the journey.

A special feature of this vehicle is certainly the loading crane built between the double cab and the loading area – currently the only one in the fire department area in the district of lichtenfels. The crane has an outreach of 12.4 meters and at full extension still has a lifting force of about 780 kilograms. In the immediate vicinity of the truck, the lifting force is as much as three to four tons.

The fast loading and unloading of the vehicle over barriers, such as crash barriers or bushes, is possible.

Another useful addition is the possibility of salvaging leaking barrels or other hazardous materials, as well as the involvement in the area of human rescue in traffic accidents.