Michl muller – from zero to one hundred

Michl muller - from zero to one hundred

With his "year in review" conclusion! From! Ready!" Cabaret artist michl muller once again brought the bad bockleter kursaal to the boil. In the typical garitzer punchline gallop, he not only used the entire width of the stage for his performance, but also sprinted from garitz to south africa and via majorca back to berlin, through political world events and the garitzer neighborhood, through the past 50 weeks of 2013.

It was hardly possible to get through in the kursaal. Seating was taken up to the last permissible corner. The front rows had been secured by muller's fatzebook hardcore fans, dressed full of expectation in dreggsagg shirts and with self-knitted poodle hats on their heads. They have not been replaced by their idol.
"Finally back to normal people said the "king of garitz he was able to get over his audience and start his program from zero to one hundred without a lengthy introduction. On his way he admired the beautiful christmas trees in kleinbrach and grobenbrach. "There is now also a tree in garitz!" The whole room was already in a frenzy, the allusion was well received.

Limburg's bishop tebartz-van elst must also have enjoyed the charm of the bockelt kursaal, the comodian continued: "only a few million invested, it was a beautiful sacristy." Thus the mental leap to the vatican and a comparison between johannes paul II. And ratzinger's resignation at hand. That was typical again: "the poles work until they drop and the germans go into retirement in a well-groomed manner."

At the election of the new pope, more than 100 cardinals were "locked" into the sistine chapel for the conclave had been. "I thought the world was safer now."
From a trip to the vatican and the memorial service for nelson mandela, muller returned to the german election campaign: a rosamunde pilcher movie is more exciting today than any political tv duel.

Not all jokes were well received
His jokes were not always well received by the audience. When muller spoke about the NSU trial and the neo-nazis, for example. Some topics just aren't funny and don't suit him.

Michl muller seems to be at a professional crossroads at the moment, which is also shown by the change of his agency. His growing fame and his guest appearances outside france demand more of him in terms of subject matter than we have been used to seeing from him so far. He still seems to be searching – also in terms of content – for the best path for his future career. He has to create a new audience without scaring away the old one.
This one still likes the small regional tips best, which was shown by the applause. When, for example, he mocks the garitz neighborhood, where everyone now has a mini-excavator and is drilling holes all over the garden. With these jokes, muller is the "normalo" again from next door, who – not intellectually detached – has kept his eye for humanity. Or when he refers to his garitz origins, the kissingen suburb with the license plate KG: "this means kissingen-garitz."

A garitzer does not take a vacation, he explains to the audience. At best, he makes short trips – to the other districts of bad kissingen. And if he ever does go to mallorca, he's sure to meet "jutta von der poppenrother hoh" there, as muller assures in one of his songs. Because you can go wherever you want "there are already francs".