Michael buble honored with hollywood star

michael buble honored with hollywood star

The jazz singer michael buble (43, "home") has unveiled a star plaque with his name in the heart of hollywood.

"My record came out today and now i also have a star on the ‘walk of fame’ – never before have i felt so important," the canadian joked in his address to fans and photographers on friday.

He deserved this award for a long time, said elvis’ widow priscilla presley, who was invited as a guest speaker. "He’s a star in his own right," explained the 73-year-old. Cuddly singer buble has numerous elvis hits in his repertoire, including the duet recording "fever.

Buble also brought his wife, the argentine actress luisana lopilato (31) to the celebration. "She is my heroine and my rock," said the sanger. They had been through a lot together. The couple has two sons, elias (2) and noah (5), and their first daughter was born in july. At the end of 2016, the older son was diagnosed with cancer. Buble and lopilato had then withdrawn from the public eye to concentrate on the recovery of the boy.

In a flurry of flashbulbs from the photographers, the father of three got down on his knees in front of his plaque and also thrilled the fans with a few push-ups on the freshly unveiled star.

The awarding of the 2650. Sterns on hollywood boulevard was timed to coincide with buble’s tenth album release. "Love" came on the market on the same day.