It will be a very hard test of patience

It will be a very hard test of patience

Martin halbig (coach FC fuchsstadt). I am surprised that the break will last so long; but health comes first. Now we have a new, modest situation, because no one really knows how it will go on. The time is getting very long until september. You can’t keep the tension in the team high until then. You have no clear goal in mind. It can only be rebuilt when you know that on day X you will continue. The fairest solution for me would be to play the round to the end, because otherwise the teams at the top of the table will complain. From my point of view, ghost games are not an option. Personally, I am relaxed, have time for other tasks in the private sector.

David bohm (player-coach FC westheim): it’s not easy decisions that the BFV has to make, and this one is understandable because health is paramount. However, it is difficult for players and coaches to keep the tension high until the end of august and one should consider whether to start the second half of the season again or whether to cancel the season and start again. The BFV had to position itself promptly and initiate steps so that the clubs can plan. For the FC westheim is megaschade that the kreispokalfinale against rodelmaier on the 1. May is canceled and therefore also our rough may festival is canceled.

Jorg wetterich (head of department FC rottershausen): the decision is understandable. Human lives are more important than the most beautiful hobby in the world. You can’t change it, because even a district league game is sometimes a big event with up to 400 spectators, when it’s against rannungen, reichen ach or oerlenbach. I even assumed that this year there is no more game in the amateur area and we continue in february or march 2021, if there is perhaps a vaccine, with the already started ruckrunde.

Sven rothlein (head of department FC untererthal): from a purely sporting point of view, the long break is naturally annoying as the current leader of the rhon 1 district table. But there are more important things than fubball. We have all never had to experience anything like this before. Due to the circumstances, I think that the responsible parties had little room for maneuver. Now it is a matter of following the guidelines. I think that the BFV has looked at the current situation from all sides and has therefore made its decision. There was also a lively exchange with the club representatives.

Bernd heid (coach FC obereschenbach): at the very beginning of the corona crisis, i didn’t really agree with the restrictions. But with the bad pictures for example from italy a rethinking has begun with me. That the game is suspended is the right decision. It is better to wait a little longer to continue the season than to start too quickly and then have to stop again. Ghost games are not an alternative for me, because the clubs are dependent on the revenue. We must now all in the sour apple beiben. But with the new date we finally have a goal in mind. Now I’m looking forward to the preparations in mid-july, when I’ll finally see all the guys again.

Christoph kleinhenz (head of department DJK schlimpfhof): "this was foreseeable and is a reasonable decision from my point of view. There are more important things than amateur soccer. Of course, it is especially bitter for those who are on the verge of the championship and who are now having difficulty maintaining their euphoria. I don’t think our players are particularly surprised either. Until it goes further, one must occupy oneself just otherwise.