Historical plaque handed over to the community

Historical plaque handed over to the community

"After several months of construction the first section of the sinntalstrabe is almost finished." This is what mayor roland rommelt announced to his council members. The asphalt surface course was recently applied. Only the edges still need to be trimmed and the grit layer swept away.

However, as local councillor mirko metz, a resident of the sinntalstrabe, has noticed, there is a coarse amount of gravel material in the canal shafts, which means that there is a risk that blockages could occur. So now by means of the suction device of the street cleaning machine remedy is to be created.

After inspection of the construction section with the traffic expert of the police inspection bad bruckenau, klaus wiesler, it was now to decide in the meeting about speed limits and the associated necessary signage. According to wiesler, a continuous 30 km/h zone is less effective than a 30 km/h speed limit only at traffic junctions. In concrete terms, this means that in future there will be a 30 km/h barrier in front of the bus waiting area and the narrow section in the ringweg area. The next year will be decided on the part of the road to the intersection of kirchstrabe and also the entire kreuzbergstrabe.

Discovered in the rubble

A gift was presented to the community at the meeting. Werner vieres and arnim waldau presented mayor rommelt with a historic community plaque that had been restored over many hours. A duplicate was made of plywood by arnim waldau to remain in the community center.

During the demolition of the former basalt plant at the beginning of the 1970s, werner vieres found this heavily damaged community plaque in the rubble, which once stood in riedenberg between 1879 and 1920. All the past years this one lived a forgotten existence in the cellar of klaus korkowski.

Now it was restored true to the original by werner vieres. "I’m sure we’ll find a suitable place in town to put this gem", mayor rommelt expressed his thanks.

The community council gave its approval for an airing device in the workroom of the elementary school in riedenberg.

The building permit for the construction of a residential building in the baumgarten was also approved, although there were some deviations from the development plan. Only with the only three meter long access in front of the garage the rate did not agree, because the rear of a car parked there was so on the road projecting. In this case, either the garage will have to be moved back to reach the required length of five meters, or the door will have to be electrically operated.

The application for the construction of a shredding plant in the industrial area nasse wiese was approved. However, the limited operating hours of 7 a.M. To 6 p.M. And, in the summer months, the wetting of the shredded material with water in order to minimize the development of dust are major drawbacks. The laying of telecommunication lines in the 60-meter area of the sinn was also approved.

The budget statutes and the 2021 budget were audited and approved by the state audit office of the bad kissingen district office, it was announced at the meeting.