High damage in workshop fire in baunach

High damage in workshop fire in Baunach

What a feeling it is when your husband sends you a photo of your own business on fire via your cell phone. Sabine hegenwald experienced this yesterday morning. And immediately sent the customers home. So I was complimented out of the frisorladen. She can see as far as bamberg the black smoke owl that has risen above the baunach industrial park. Immediately she gets into the car and drives to baunach.

The industrial area is teeming with emergency vehicles: firefighters, police and, of course, sanitation workers. Then she meets her husband sven. Finally. This one is still all churned up. He was able to bring sissi the dog to safety right away. What happened? There are other companies on the site where sven hegenwald's advertising technology company is located. One of them is what the neighbors call an auto repair shop. Africans dismantle cars here and send them away in containers, say the neighbors. It must have happened there, it's burning there. The jet-black smoke owl stands above the workshop.

Uwe and heidi gehring have joined the hegenwalds and are still very agitated. "They just ran away", says uwe gehring without understanding. The people working in the garage had probably made the first attempts to extinguish the fire, but then disappeared – without telling the neighbors. He himself had fetched sven hegenwald from his hall and alerted him to the fire, gehring explains.

In the meantime, all employees of the companies in the northwest of the industrial area have left their workplaces and are observing the activities of the firefighters.

There are about 100 firefighters coordinated here by district fire inspector thomas renner. It's a tight squeeze here and, above all, it's nested. Are there still people in the halls?? In addition to the inspection, the warm-image camera will be used. It is very close. Many of the buildings appear to be fairly new, and some of them contain very expensive machines.

While the firefighters are making sure that there are really no more people in the buildings, they are also working feverishly to prevent the flames from spreading. They work on lines of resistance, as renner will later call it to the FT. At 30 degrees in the shade and several hundred in the vicinity of the fire truly a rough challenge; especially for the five squads, which are busy with the heavy breathing protection.

Also on site: baunach's mayor ekkehard hojer. The appointment with the FT was cancelled due to the fire. He encourages the victims, tries to get an overview of the situation. In the meantime, new questions arise for those affected. What happened to their halls, the apartments? Do you have a place to stay this evening?? Have they, says thomas renner. It was possible to keep the apartments smoke-free. What about the halls, of course, he does not yet know at this time. The high temperatures have deformed trapezoidal sheets and also changed their color. Renner did not want to commit himself, but assumes that there was considerable damage to property.

"Today a very expensive job was finished", sabine hegenwald notes. In the meantime, the boss of the car repair shop has probably also appeared. With printed face. The police question him.

Stinging smell is in the air. Hegenwald dog sissi, rescued by uwe gehring, barks in her makeshift run. It is apparently still completely confused. Not only they. Still for hours, the northwest of the "eichen" industrial park is still under construction a state of exception. Sabine hegenwald is no longer able to serve her customers in bamberg on this day. And in baunach, the important and urgent order, or what is left of it, must remain where and how it is. Because now experts and insurance companies are at work.

According to police press spokesman alexander czech, the police investigation is continuing. It is assumed that there was considerable damage to property, but it is not yet possible to put a concrete figure on the amount.