Hans-josef fell receives prestigious award in hong kong

Hans-josef fell will be honored on 3. October in hong kong awarded the woo prize. The bad kissingen district association of alliance 90/the greens has invited guests to an information evening on the woo award ceremony at the hammelburg parish center. Hans-josef fell told almost 100 guests how he came to be nominated for the post.

In his presentation, the energy expert, who represented the greens in the bundestag from 1998 to 2013, described the development of his energy policy, which began in the 1980s in hammelburg. From the foundation of the hammelburg solar company, the introduction of cost-covering remuneration in the city, to the renewable energy law at the federal level and his international work with the energy watch group, his ideas were often dismissed as utopian, but were soon caught up with or even overtaken by reality.

According to fell, the jury found it particularly important that he initiated the solar company in hammelburg, the first company in the world to economically produce and sell solar power. Nominated for the highly endowed prize, which is sponsored by the chinese billionaire lui che woo, by the former director of the fraunhofer institute for solar energy systems, eicke weber. Hans-josef fell also reported on the scientific work with the energy watch group (EWG), which he now chairs as its president. The EWG supports business and politics worldwide in questions of energy transition. In a recent study, for example, it was established together with renowned institutes that solar and wind power have now become the most favorable energy sources in germany in terms of production costs.

At the award ceremony on 3. October in hong kong, fell will address more than 1,000 guests. With this award, he stands in a row with previous award winners such as the former american president jimmy carter and the organization "doctors without borders". Fell also received numerous congratulations at the parish center