Hannes fischer throws down in ebern

Hannes fischer throws down in ebern

In his fifth year as player-coach at TV ebern, it’s over: hannes fischer throws in the towel at his hometown club. Even if this decision came as a surprise directly after the most recent defeat at TSG niederfullbach, it is still understandable. TV ebern is at the bottom of the table in the coburg district league after four games. Zero points and 1:13 goals are clear. In an interview with our partner portal anpfiff.Fischer explains this step. The player-coach duo fischer/kapell breaks apart. What are the reasons for your resignation, mr. Fischer??

Johannes fischer: my own attitude towards football is not the same as the attitude of most of the players. The coaching team sometimes had only a very critical number of players at its disposal, because many players found things like vacations or other leisure activities more important than training sessions, preparation games or even league games. I don’t know it like that and I don’t really get along with it. Because of these facts, it was almost impossible to work sensibly with the team, and that’s why the current series of defeats is not a surprise, but was, in my eyes, a foregone conclusion.

In addition, it is simply time to set new impulses in our boys, what new game ideas, training content or the address and so on angehet. This fact was also the main reason why i announced the end of my coaching activities at the end of the last season last fall. After unsuccessful search for a coach by the club, i was then asked to continue once again.

How do you assess this decision in retrospect??

In retrospect, I have to admit to myself that it was a mistake to continue. It would have been better if I had gone through with my decision. All in all, my resignation is primarily about the well-being of the club and not about myself. My resignation is the logical consequence of the continuing failure, even though i had hoped until the end that we could turn the corner together with me as trainer. After the 0:6 against heldritt the thought of a resignation came up in me and after the catastrophic second half in niederfullbach it was confirmed. Therefore, the whole thing was not a knee-jerk reaction, but well-considered, even if the season is still very young.

I wanted to avoid under all circumstances another disaster season like the relegation season from the district league and hope to give a positive impetus with my decision. We have a young and very talented team that definitely has what it takes to play a good role in the district league. This potential must be tickled out now.

What is your personal background now?? Will you continue to be available to TV ebern as a player, or is something else already planned??

At the moment, it is still too early to think about such things. I need to take some time off and sort out my thoughts. The fact is that TV ebern is my home club, with which i am closely connected. Many players and functionaries here I pay to my friends. This will not change even after my resignation as coach!

Is it already known who will take over the vacant chair as coach at TV ebern??

The TVE still has a coach in jens kapell and is not without a leader. I assume that jens will continue and that the club management will work with him to draw up a plan for the future. Whether he will take over as coach alone in the long term or whether he will receive support is probably not yet known at this time. What do you hope for from TV ebern??

I expect the guys to finally work their butts off to rub the rudder together. No matter who is the coach at TV ebern, I now see the team in the duty.