Great soloists, lively show

Great soloists, lively show

Numerous listeners accepted the invitation to the "dammerschoppen" and enjoyed the excellent food and drink provided by the buchbacher blasmusik, before enjoying the expressive sounds of the "bochbicher gaudi musik" to listen. The guests were surprised right at the beginning, when – behind the closed curtain – the audience could hear the warm-up and the musicians were already on stage. So the first hoax was already successful and the "ice" broken to the audience, when they turned off the cd-player.

Musically the seven blechblasers opened the evening with the piece "it’s nice to be with you", which they also immediately sang at the top of their lungs. With the piece "trara, es brennt" (trara, it’s burning) host and tenor horn player sebastian weigelt buried all the guests and especially the fan club from lower saxony, which had traveled especially for the musical highlight. The same goes for the trumpeter and flugelhorn player of the group, maximilian klug. The musician had traveled over 500 kilometers to perform his "gaudi musik" at the annual dammerschoppen to take part.

His father alexander klug (tuba) was very proud when maximilian played the flugelhorn solo "my dream" bravouros during the evening which he had also arranged himself.

The next soloists were the trumpeter and leader of the group, michael rub, and jorg kiebling on tenor horn. The duo played the introduction to the piece "from friend to friend" in intimate harmony and with great feeling, which was rewarded by the enthusiastic listeners even with intermediate applause. With the allgauer brauhaus-polka one could formally hear the fasser-rolling, as the tuba "rolled" up and down the musical stairway steps.

Trumpeter jochen fehn impressed the audience with his solo part of the "empress sissi march", performed with great concentration and enthusiasm. He also arranges most of the pieces of this exceptional group. During a "children’s song medley, consisting of six different pieces, the musicians put the guests to the test and handed out slips of paper for them to fill in and guess. Those who had noted down all the pieces in the correct order could then win a prize. Fan club boss tina muller drew as lucky fairy hairdresser carola beez as lucky winner.

As a "join in" piece in the evening, moderator sebastian weigelt presented the french pilgrim song "burkhardrot, changed to a pilgrimage from buchbach to marienweiher. What he sang was sung by the guests afterwards.

In the third part of the evening the last soloist introduced himself on the trombone. Alexander schnappauf took over at the modern stucco dusco hut the decisive solo part. He was not only accompanied by the "bochbicher gaudi musik", but also by toni froba, who spontaneously sat down behind the drums. For all there was thunderous applause.

The highlight of the evening, however, was the "thriller show" put together by jochen fehn with a dance performance of three musicians fully masked as zombies. On the drifting beginning "eye of the tiger followed by michael jacksons world hit "thriller as well as the smash hit "you give love a bad name" and "highway to hell" by AC/DC. Heike schulein