Fans came from near and far

fans came from near and far

Culture can be scandalous or pleasing, provocative or tame, already or simply inspiring. It can be in the form of performing arts, but also tales, stories, dialect and object art belong to it as well as music that makes you talk, that makes you think or just makes you feel good in the background.

And all these different cultural directions were represented at the fourth culture night in the schutzenhaus presseck.

An eventful life story

Alois kuhn from stammbach presented himself quite modestly in a corner with his caricatures. "I live in stammbach, I'm happy here and I'm staying here", explains kuhn, who is now 72 years old. But behind the harmony and contentment lies an eventful life story. Because alois kuhn was already expelled twice: at the age of six from the riesengebirge, and again in 1980, when he lived in the former GDR. He was an engineer. But because of his "cheeky" caricatures he made. This went so far that he was arrested and sentenced to paragraph 220 for "degradation of reprisentants and their abuses" was sentenced to 18 months in prison. "I was only in prison for eight months, but that was bad enough. Then I was bought out by the FRG, but I found that out much later", explains kuhn.

In the west he finally enjoyed the freedom his art needed: he could take everything for a ride – without fear of repression. Finally alois kuhn could publish his caricatures.
And the ideas are still bubbling up in him today. His works are about politics, but also about life with all its facets. Kuhn stops at nothing.

Marchen fence slats

Betina schammann and her group of artists showed very different artworks. For she loves to paint small and rough artists fence slats at the LQN culture night. "It all started with a garden gnome. He needs the right "around", explained schammann. This is how fence slats were painted. Others did the same and put the tale of snow white and the seven dwarfs in the form of fence slats into an artistic context.

The renowned landscape painter gunther wolfrum also showed his paintings, as did marianne renke. Edina thern presented sand and shell paintings for the first time. The ingredients for the decorative works came from a vacation in florida. She also brought along slate paintings combined with fabric.


Sigrid grob from stammbach had a clever idea. "I always say, "I've run out of canvas", laughed them. She actually paints portraits on old wooden chairs.

Matthias trendel contributed photos for the permanent exhibition at the LQN-night in the hall. But not only: also his dialect stories under the motto "bleed schaua" were well received – as was the fairy-tale reading by christiane malkomes.

The mini-crazy-dancers from presseck and the gymnastics ladies made a real splash with their "black light show".

Back to the twenties

Jurgen treppner alias victor bleibtreu loves to revive the golden twenties with his nostalgia show. In a stiff tailcoat he trumpeted – as he once did "this is the love of the sailors" and old shellac evergreens. Treppner even imitated the singing style of the bygone era, accompanied on the piano by vladimir plakidin.

Joyce (16) and joe-al (20) from elbersreuth performed for younger culture fans. For years they have been rehearsing and writing songs in hip-hop style. "Last year we had our first appearance in naila, now we want to appear more often", the two hope for a major breakthrough. And also the legendary SAN-combo was part of the party – but with a completely different musical direction. Swing until the early morning hours was the motto of the band.

Last year's picture goes to marktleugast

Of course a community painting was made again this year: glass painting. Many artists and culture lovers, who always wanted to try something new, tried their hand at the mandala technique on glass. "The community picture of the last LQN night goes to marktleugast, even if they don't have a new town hall yet", explained angelika leinfelder – much to the delight of mayor norbert volk.

On sunday the culture night ended with an ecumenical service, celebrated by pastor helmut spindler and heidrun hemme, with the participation of organist jorg schmidt, the church choir of the evangelic church stammbach and the trombone choir of the evangelic church presseck.