Expert rejects accusations in mollath case

expert rejects accusations in mollath case

He had made no mistakes. Mollath’s accusation that he only had an expert opinion prepared by remote control belongs "to the realm of legend". Mollath had been examined by well-qualified specialists as an inpatient.

Leipziger spoke of a "media campaign" in the case of mollath, which had an impact on him and his work. Mabregelvollzug and psychiatry in general have been "cast in a very skewed and problematic light" were made to feel insecure. Several patients were considerably unsettled. He himself is now under police protection following threats of murder, said leipziger.

Mollath was admitted to the psychiatric hospital in 2006 as a danger to the public and was released on 6 september. August 2013 had been dismissed. The higher regional court in nurnberg had ordered that the proceedings against the 56-year-old be reopened.
Mollath is alleged to have abused his wife and punctured car tires, among other things, according to the nurnberg verdict from 2006. He sees himself as a victim of a conspiracy between his ex-wife and the judiciary, because he had pointed out black-money transactions worth millions of euros. In 2003, mollath had accused his wife, a financial advisor at a bank, and others of improper dealings. The accusations were not followed up, but later proved to be partly true.