Eltmann takes stock of construction projects for 2012

Eltmann takes stock of construction projects for 2012

Because so many people take responsibility for themselves and others and are committed to their city, that is why eltmann is so worth living in, emphasized mayor michael ziegler (CSU) at the city council's year-end meeting.

Even though the 2012 budget year will close with a slight deficit, the city can look back on successful months in which a great deal was done to make the people of eltmann and its districts feel at home.

Lots of money for children
Ziegler shed particular light on a few projects, such as the 200.000-euro investment in the two daycare centers in eltmann and weisbrunn. 1.8 million euros will be spent on the new kindergarten in limbach. The new refectory will open on 7. 2.7 million euros went into this new building, which the city and the district were able to realize together thanks to public grants.

He said that the city council was not the only one to be delighted about the renovation of the secondary school, which is now underway and will cost the district six million euros. The reconstruction of the clearing plant by the special-purpose association with the communities of the ebelsbach administrative community was just as expensive.

Full of anticipation
The most expensive order made by the city council this year was the new vehicle for the eltmann fire department. It will be delivered in a good year and will be 425.000 euro costs.

Investments were also made in the districts, whether in the village square in dippach, the new fire station with community room in eschenbach, the bell tower in lembach or the new construction area in limbach. According to ziegler, there are already 20 advance registrations for the 36 building sites that are to be developed in the eltmann district by spring.

The main construction site in 2014 will again be robstadt, where, following sewer and road renovation, design work will be carried out as part of the village renewal program. 3.2 million euros have gone to robstadt.

Debt level was reduced
Despite all these investments, eltmann's debt level (excluding the mensa) has fallen to 346.000 euros, as the mayor also pointed out. Business tax revenues declined, so that the year will probably end with a slight loss. Michael ziegler does not expect revenues to increase next year either, but thanks to the great climate in the city council, even difficult budget years have always been mastered well, he explained at the council meeting on wednesday evening.

In addition to the investments, many activities in the cultural area increased the quality of life in eltmann and the city districts, michael ziegler made clear. Eltmann remains a livable small town whose broadly diversified industry offers an impressive 2,000 jobs.

Ziegler attested to the city council's great commitment and team spirit across all factions. He thanked the members of the town council for their understanding, as eleven town council meetings and 17 committee meetings had to be held.

A certain independence
The thanks was given by second mayor hans-georg hafner (SPD) to the mayor, the administration and the eltmann construction yard. Some things do not work out as desired, but much has been achieved. "We can buy a fire truck without asking the district office for permission", hafner said with satisfaction when looking at the city's finances.

Personally, he is "happy every day" about "eltmann drinking water without chlorine". Hafner was convinced that the decision to go against the opinion of the experts had demanded backbone from the city council and had been the right one. And because it was always possible to celebrate joint successes for eltmann and its residents, hans-georghafner concluded, "that's why we go to the town hall in our free time."