Ebern traffic-calmed with immediate effect

Ebern traffic-calmed with immediate effect

" Oans, zwoa, triple", mayor robert herrmann said at friday's ceremony. He alluded to the soccer giants bayern munchen, but conceded that "we don't want to put too fine a point on it, but for the city of ebern it does have a rough significance: today we can celebrate the completion of three projects." Heibt: ebern celebrated the redesign of the neubruckentorstrabe and the parking lot in the muhlenviertel and thus started the traffic-calmed zone in the old town.

Concept takes time
Tree removal and traffic interfere with the living environment of people, of residents and of businesses. As robert herrmann appreciated above all patience and understanding during the construction period. Perhaps this also motivated mrs. Ebner, a resident of neubruckentorstrabe, to approach the city leader on the sidelines of the ceremony and complain a bit about the signage. In their opinion, it would have been good to set the portal signage a little differently. So, she told the mayor, the vehicles were driven past the houses at a rough speed for another 75 meters and only then slowed down. Conversely, the residents get to hear the throttle as it goes out. Mayor robert herrmann reassured the crowd, saying the traffic-calming concept needs time to mature; surely some things still need to take shape.

This probably applies to the whole issue of traffic calming in the city, to which the citizens will probably still have to get used to, as became clear. Herrmann admitted it was increasingly difficult to find common ground. In any case, he was happy that "our inner-city traffic-calmed zone" is now activated for the time being is now activated for the time being.

Muhlenviertel must follow
Hermann recalled the poor condition of neubruckentorstrabe (staatsstrabe 2278). The sewage system had to be partially rehabilitated and the wide roadway narrowed to create more space for pedestrians.
The city council resolution of 2006 was intended to set in motion the redevelopment of the entire muhlenviertel district. But ebern only had the money in 2011 to start the renovation of the neubruckentorstrabe, the street with the highest traffic importance. "The actual muhlenviertel still has to follow", said herrmann.

The state building authority of schweinfurt joined in: it rehabilitated the three bridges over the baunach, the muhlgraben and the angerbach on its own authority. All in connection with the reclassification of state road 2278 as a local road and the upgrading of the verteilerspange to a state road. Herrmann was grateful for the backing of the government of lower franconia: ebern had received city construction funds for the construction of the side surfaces. What improves the quality of a living environment?? Traffic calming, barrier-free access, enough parking space and plenty of green space. Anyone who takes the time to walk the narrow streets of the muhlenviertel will immediately notice how necessary the parking lot in the untergasse was. There, residents and guests can now deposit their vehicles on 27 parking spaces.

It cost 800,000 euros, the city of ebern paid 245,000 euros, the residents 120,000 euros. The rest was paid for by the city's building department (252,000 euros) and the state (176,000 euros).

Member of the federal parliament dorothee bar thought it was good that women and burghers with rollators were considered here. District administrator rudolf handwerker emphasized: "i now really like the western entrance to the city. This investment is a good example of the fact that our cities and communities are facing major challenges. Demographic and economic changes in particular require forward-looking action, new ideas and impulses. The city of ebern recognized this and invested money to further develop the urban development of the muhlenviertel."

Witnesses to the past
Excavations and "stone witnesses even offered a glimpse into the past. Even though everything has been buried again, the information is still preserved for posterity through detailed documentation.
Manfred gruner from the government of lower franconia recalled that ebern had been one of the first "customers" in the city's construction since 1975 had been. In recent years, the focus has not only been on the conversion of the barracks, but also on the improvement of the infrastructure. "The old town is an asset to be reckoned with, and it was right to get back into the urban development game more intensively", he said. Since 2005, more than 4.8 million euros had been spent on the project, he said. This was good for the office building, the schumacher house and the gray tower. He said that the muhlenviertel and the anlagenring should continue to be kept in mind.

Head of department holger bothe emphasized that the tramway office had laid the foundations with the renovation of the three bridges (140,000 euros). He assured that the reclassification of the roads will be completed this year. Reverend alan stockbridge and deacon sven steffan blessed the redesigned neubruckentorstrabe and the new parking lot. Mayor robert herrmann and traffic officer harald pascher unveiled the portal signage for the inner city zone.