Christmas aid: thanks for 55 766 euros

Christmas aid: thanks for 55 766 euros

It was a very small part of the donation, but for this couple it was the most important thing: roast beef and brussels sprouts – a christmas dinner like in the old days. What a feast! This has not happened for a long time. Gabriele morath and anne hilpert from the caritas association report on the great gratitude of the people who have received help from the "christmas aid" donation campaign can reach under the arms. Saale-newspaper and caritas-association call for this action every year at christmas. This year, dear readers, you have once again exceeded all expectations and donated a total of 55766 euros!

The caritas association for the district of bad kissingen uses the money to help people from the region who have fallen on hard times. Single parents, people affected by old-age poverty, young families … The list of gabriele morath, social counselor, is long. Whoever knocks on her door will get nowhere. She questions the dilemma of the person concerned and looks for solutions together with the people concerned. With the help of the money from the christmas aid donation pot, she wants to "help people help themselves" she tells. Gabriele morath can support people from the county all year round – thanks to donations. And they have the most different senders.

Concert audience donates

Private individuals, entrepreneurs, initiatives and clubs – like the garitz choral society. The advent concert of the choirs of the garitz singing club, the youth bands of the garitz volunteer fire department and the church choir brought in donations of 1000 euros. The club will donate the money in equal parts to the saale-zeitung’s christmas charity and to the "solwodi" specialist counseling center in kissingen pass on. "Solwodi" (solidarity with women in distress) sees itself as "a non-denominational and non-partisan association that helps women in emergency situations". The caritas association now wants to give special support to this project because of the enormous amount donated: 5,000 euros will go directly to the kissingen solwodi association. Caritas social counseling is already boosting help for women. "We perceive the suffering and appreciate this valuable work", says anne hilpert, managing director of the caritas association. The high donation sum has given them even more ideas.

Apart from the work of the association as a "rescue anchor there could be one or the other special action this year. A summer barbecue with many families or a party for volunteers or a special celebration at easter … The association wanted to give something back. "I am always surprised at the gratitude that prevails in our society."

Personal letter with donation

A particularly touching donation came from an elderly gentleman from bad bruckenau. His home is actually wollbach, but for some time now he has been living in the waldenfels old people’s home in bad bruckenau. He had written a letter to the saale newspaper – on the back of his order form for breakfast. So you can read in the front that he likes to eat fruit yogurt in the morning and an egg on thursdays. On the back page, he wrote in clear letters that he used to subscribe to the saale newspaper "then i had even more money".

He is now on welfare and has 108.16 euros left over for the month. One of his caregivers sometimes brings him the saale newspaper, which is how he found out about christmas aid. "I would like to make at least a donation of 10 euros to the saale newspaper, money is enclosed", wrote the man. "I wish all of the saale newspaper a good year 2019, to bad kissingen I can not come, wheelchair user." We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to this person.

The bucher fundraising campaign at the saale newspaper office also proved successful: 734.60 euros were collected. Many thanks to all donators! Susanne will, editorial director of the saale newspaper, is more than enthusiastic about the citizens’ willingness to donate: "yes, i was actually hoping to reach the 50,000-euro mark. But that we are so clearly above, I had not thought. I am very happy for the people who, thanks to the kind hearts of our readers, can now have a slightly easier life." Alexander subat, managing director of the kissinger verlagsgesellschaft, is impressed by the reliability of the donors: "the fact that we were able to enjoy a new record result this year also shows that we have been able to raise awareness of the issue in the long term with the christmas charity."