Bicycle helmets for kissinger first class

Bicycle helmets for kissinger first class

The healthy city network of bad kissingen has set itself the goal of making the living environment and living conditions of the citizens of bad kissingen healthier and of developing the city sustainably into a place of health for all citizens. On this path, the safety and health of the youngest kissingers plays an important role.

At the franz-von prummer school, the handover of the bicycle helmets by oberburgermeister kay blankenburg was incorporated into the advent celebration. To illustrate this, the chairman of lebenshilfe bad kis singen, wolfgang rompf, had pretended to the children that he was riding a donkey with a bicycle helmet. However, he exchanged the helmet at the bad kissingen christmas market for a christmas bonnet, which the children recognized as wrong.

Blankenburg also emphasized: "when i ride my bike, i always wear a helmet, whether i’m on my way to an appointment or returning home from the christmas market." The health of the children is very important to him, he said, and so he personally presented each child with the pre-christmas gift. Blankenburg also donated additional bicycle helmets to the franz-von prummer school for the school’s own bicycle training fleet.

The importance of helmets for the health of children was also emphasized by norbert paul, principal of the saale valley school, at the advent celebration of his proteges. Schoolchildren are not only exposed when riding bicycles. Just falls during skating could have fatal consequences. "The children’s optic nerve can wear out if they fall backwards and hit their heads on the ice", paul described a possible scenario.

Therefore helmets are always important. The inclusion of the helmet presentation in the advent celebration, and the fact that mayor kay blankenburg presented the helmets himself, was of great importance for paul in terms of the learning effect on the children. "This day is positive for the children. So they remember it fondly and like to wear the helmets accordingly", he explained.

The cost of all the helmets that the healthy city network distributed to bad kissingen’s top players is 2700 euros.