Armin veh sees spvgg bayreuth on a good path

Armin veh sees spvgg bayreuth on a good path

There are still eleven months to go until the spvgg bayreuth celebrates its 100th anniversary. In the konig-ludwig-saal of the sudpfanne there was on friday evening but a first attunement. Managing director wolfgang gruber and his team invited to the kick-off event of the anniversary year. With a prominent visitor.

Armin veh, who won the german championship with vfb stuttgart in 2007 and was active as a player for the altstadter for two years from 1987 to 1989, did the honors, as did martin driller. Driller laced up his boots for the yellow-and-blacks for half a year and was also a member of the st. Pauli, dortmund and nurnberg active. In his opening remarks, managing director gruber referred to past times such as those of driller and veh, but he was more interested in the future.

"We want to return to the professional fubball. This is a great project. When we are 100 years old, we want to attack that. We want to be one of the 50 best soccer clubs in germany. But that is difficult", according to gruber. In 2008, gruber, christian wedlich and other supporters took over the old town boat that was on the verge of capsizing. The spvgg had filed an application to open insolvency proceedings.

Success under timo rost

The makers have steered the ship into calm waters – and sporting success. Thanks to coach timo rost. In the first year, the goal was to stay in the league; this season, rost and the team want to play at the top – and they have succeeded so far, too. Next season, the team will be on the attack. "But this must be sustainable", the head of training makes it clear and adds: "i like to work with people who have visions and also get down to work. That is the case here. In the last few years there has been a lot of talk and no action. Wolfgang gruber is a man of his word – and i like that." And armin veh? The sab sometimes marvels at the podium.

Veh impressed by visions

"I hear here something about visions. That impresses me. I can remember that heribert bruchhagen (former chairman of the board at eintracht frankfurt) told me a few things. D. Red.) once said that if i had visions, i should go to the district hospital." Those present could not help smiling. Veh continues: "passion is needed for a small club. I’ve been here for a little more than an hour and I’m convinced that the spvgg is in good hands and can achieve something. If you do everything you just said, it looks very good. I’ll take that from you too." For one reason in particular.

Gruber and his comrades-in-arms around the newly installed athletic director marcel rozgonyi presented themselves reflectively. Rarely have we seen such structured visions of the future at the altstadtern without building airlocks. "No future without a past, said christian horeth, who led through the evening and reminded of the difficult times of the club.

Crash and near-insolvency

For example, the banning of the workers’ club by the national socialists in 1933 or the fall into the national league and near bankruptcy. But horeth did not want to forget the good times either. From the first promotion to the second league in 1959 to the narrowly missed promotion to the bundesliga in 1979 and the cup victory over FC bayern munich in 1980. Or to the current team, which is well on the way to writing a new history.

"I believe that this goal will be achieved with the 3. League is possible", according to trainer rost. "We want to be the face and the signboard in upper franconia", says managing director gruber. The basics of success were presented by sport director rozgonyi, referring to capital and structure, which are necessary for success. "Football is the best marketing for a region", the long-serving bundesliga professional was concerned about the radiant power of soccer.

"This league is awesome", says rozgonyi and means the third league with many traditional clubs and an average of almost 10.000 spectators. If it’s up to the bayreuth managers, the spvgg will soon be part of this league – and not only armin veh will be happy about the return to professional soccer.