A club on the road to change

A club on the road to change

The "future workshop SV-DJK sommerach" project is now also reflected in the board of the main club with its six departments. Although the club is embarking on a major reorganization with an unchanged board, the treasurer was appointed finance manager at the annual general meeting in the SV-DJK sports center.

Steffen told the meeting that he had been thinking about the future of the association for over a year. The idea really sparked in him after the district meeting of the DJK steigerwald and the presentation about an association that had reorganized itself within two years after a future workshop. "The future is what the young people want and do," steffen said, "and when you listen to the kids, great ideas come out.". The chairman reported on the almost five-hour workshop with the children and young people in the clubhouse and what their wishes and ideas, but also their points of criticism are (we reported). Some things could not be implemented, "but we want to do as much as is possible," says steffen. They also have a lot of ideas in the area of the sports center, "we have to think about a space for them". This applies both literally and figuratively: "if the children and young people have a place with us, they will come to us. They are our future."

Steffen found an important supporter in mayor elmar henke. "I’m still impressed by how focused the kids were in their strong-weak analysis," he said in his pit statement. Henke, who had visited the workshop, had discovered "some very sensible approaches that are worth implementing. Every euro that the community invests in the club is well spent, they say. The association "finds great support in the municipal council, we trust the association and thank it for its really valuable work".

Steffen had previously listed and reported from the departments. Among other things, he pointed to the carnival parade in kitzingen and the many tournaments hosted by SV-DJK. After the meeting, the future workshop continued to be a topic of conversation, and the mood in the club is consistently positive. The next action of the "team zukunftswerkstatt" will be to install a suggestion box at the clubhouse.

Honors: 40 years: valentin kestler. 50: erich friedrich, fridolin grafner, erich heinlein, norbert molitor (both honorary members), siegfried pickel, werner sauer, otto schneider, michael stocklein, horst weickert, alfred then, julius then and gerhard wohlfahrt. 60: max engert and adalbert rekoskum.

Board (unchanged): chairman: jorg steffen; deputies: andrea finster, sabine pfeufer. Finance manager: anita wirsching. Secretary: karl-heinz krug. Assessors: brigitte friedrich, gunther schwarz, johannes blab (new). Treasurers: gunther frank and norbert kleinhans.