Planned drive-in cinema: forchheim comes away empty-handed, bamberg profits

Planned drive-in cinema: forchheim comes away empty-handed, bamberg profits

It could have been like this: sitting in your own car seat nibbling popcorn and watching a blockbuster movie on an 80-square-meter screen.

Andreas kunst, the operator of the volksbank event hall in the breitweidig commercial area, wanted to organize a drive-in cinema in forchheim.

Parkland annafest rejected

For the realization of his idea the event manager already had two potential places in mind. His first hope of being able to use the parking lot underneath the annafest land was dashed, however, after he spoke to uwe kirschstein (SPD), the mayor of the city of zurich. "Because of the protection of residents,", said kunst and added: "the sound of the film will be transmitted via the car radio."

Britta kurth, press spokeswoman for the city of forchheim, explained that the protection of residents was not just about the film alarm, but above all about the increased volume of traffic and the resulting alarm. Furthermore, andreas kunst was simply too late with his request for the use of the annafest parking lot. "The land has already been earmarked for the deposit of construction site materials. These locations are planned well in advance" according to kurth.

The event manager’s second hope was a land that belonged to medical valley. Viktor naumann, managing director of medical valley forchheim gmbh, explained that he was not aware of such a request for use, but the land was not available. The south parking lot is rented out and the remaining parking lots are reserved for the respective tenants of the medical valley.

Drive-in cinema comes to bamberg

Due to the corona crisis, andreas kunst has lost all income: "we organize trade fairs all over germany, all of which were cancelled by the end of the year. We have had our plug pulled, we have no perspective." He wanted to cushion his loss of earnings with the drive-in cinema. But if it doesn’t work out in forchheim, then in bamberg.

"Within 12 hours, everything was organized there" he tells. On the land of the market oberfranken shopping center in hallstadt, the drive-in cinema is now to go.

Event planner seeks bride and groom

Kunst also has new plans for his event hall in breitweidig: "many brides and grooms have had to cancel their weddings because there is too little space in the booked locations to comply with the distance rules." In the 500 square meters of his event hall, smaller wedding parties with 50 to 60 guests could celebrate at a reasonable distance from each other. With the income he only wants to cover the costs incurred.