Meeting brought back memories of school days

Meeting brought back memories of school days

26 former students of the 1952/53 school year met in poppenlauer with joyful greetings, hellos and hugs. The entrance to the old town hall was festively decorated for the meeting. The weather played along and provided therefore already for good mood.

Through the lanes

The initiators inge forster and herbert waldherr had invited to the meeting. The motto was "laff nuch e mol mit durch die gass!", which herbert waldherr had thought up. After a funeral champagne we went to the newly opened seniors’ room by the seniors’ representative winfried streit.

At that time, the schools were still separated by denomination for the first few years and only merged in the seventh grade. The eighth grade was then completed together at the newly built school am auberg in poppenlauer.

In the badergasse

After a quick lunch herbert waldherr invited to the alley walk. He reported from the documents of the local historian reinhard klopf about the street names and their meaning. In the badgasse there was the former bather, who invited the former inhabitants to take a bath or cut their hair and, if necessary, pull their teeth. Waldherr inspired everyone with references from the time of the hennebergs and the prince bishops.

He went on to describe the school alley where a school used to stand. Other historical buildings, such as the house at the gaden, which was oversized for the time and in which the village schoolman of the hennebergs lived, were only now really noticed, as was the coarse house of the village schoolman of the prince bishops in the kirchgasse. For the village tour, herbert waldherr received great praise from everyone and a small gift as a thank you. Inge forster was also thanked in the form of a flower robbery.

Visit to the cemetery

Afterwards, old memories were awakened in the senior citizens’ room, which were refreshed with pictures. After drinking coffee, the participants commemorated the deceased school friends during a visit to the cemetery. As a conclusion the former classmates wished that there should be meetings again, as long as it is possible