Journey by train took 21 hours

journey by train took 21 hours

The longest journey to the french province was made by alexandra skogsskimmer. The 27-year-old comes from ringarum, a village with a population of just under 600 that is as coarse as weingarts and about 40 kilometers from the next coarser city of norrkoping, and didn’t want to miss "30 years of blodsinn" – especially because of the musicians from "freedom call".

"My trip by train took a total of 21 hours and it went about 1400 kilometers, but it was more than worth it for me", says the young swedish woman, who is especially enthusiastic about the organization and the people at the festival and in forchheim: "i was very nervous beforehand and met only fantastic people everywhere. Many people told me i was crazy for coming from sweden. I did not expect so many nice and helpful people, because sometimes one is influenced by prejudices."

Cake staff recognized the need

Alexandra was also impressed by the impeccable organization and praised the perfect course of events, which only suffered a little from the difficult connection between forchheim in the direction of weingarts and back. Especially the team of the new aparthotel near the train station, where she stayed, left a deep impression: "when i finally caught a cab in the late evening and came back to the hotel dead tired and hungry, the kitchen was actually already closed". But the staff made me an extra portion. And on sunday, they gave me a free big cup of yogurt pudding for my long drive home. I am completely speechless, I love you guys. Thank you franken."

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