Hopes for flood protection were dashed

Hopes for flood protection were dashed

Julia ebenhoh and her husband michael ratz are burnt children when it comes to floods in mainstockheim. They are residents of the riedbach and have already been hit by flooding three times since 2013. For the current council meeting, they had hoped for progress in flood protection, but the meeting did not bring them any concrete results. "Nothing significant will change at the riedbach", mayor karl-dieter fuchs described the result of a brief discussion with authorities and experts.

As karl-dieter fuchs informed, there had recently been a meeting at the water management office (WWA). The authorities had let the community know that it would probably never reach the requirement of an HQ100 culvert. In addition, third parties had no claim against the municipality as obligors of water maintenance for the development of such waters. According to the minutes of the meeting, the municipality wants to provide for smaller sedimentation possibilities in the upper reaches of the riedbach and to create possibilities for the river to flow on municipal flats.

The WWA suggested to the community the creation of a concept for water pressure maintenance on the basis of a hundred-year flood (HQ 100). The mayor found the advice helpful for the future, but short term measures are necessary. Meanwhile, it would probably take two to three years to come up with a concept, which he did not want to inflict on the affected burghers.

Why it is not possible to do something in the upper part of the riedbach to make it better?", said peter brandner. The mayor replied that the municipality could not do anything on the fly, but that changes to a third-order water could only be made after an external application procedure. The discussion was mainly about a protective grating at the inlet structure on the road "am kirchberg", and although everyone was aware that someone had removed the rake at the bridge without permission, the horse and rider were not named.

Werner zurlein did not like the situation at all, because he was afraid that as a member of the council he might have to accept liability if there was no protective grille and no known cause of the accident. "I will not have the old grille installed again", the mayor said, instead, a new grid should be constructed to meet the requirements of the law.

The circumstances that several residents of the upper reaches of the riedbach are responsible for unauthorized dumping were criticized at the council meeting. Therefore, the municipality will write to the residents in order to achieve an improvement. Frank schmidt added that the community should also look at its own nose in this context.

As part of the replacement of a combined sewer from the riedbachsiedlung to the kirchberg, the municipality has proposed a diversion of the riedbach over a length of 80 to 100 meters. Then the riedbach is to get a second rake as a further mabnahme.

Julia ebenhoh, when asked, regretted that nothing more concrete was being done and hoped that the municipality would intensify its efforts to limit future flood damage.