Flood protection pursues two goals

Flood protection pursues two goals

Thanks to the generous space available in the oberaurach center in trossenfurt, it was no problem for the oberaurach community to hold its community council meeting on tuesday evening with sufficient safety margin.

A major item on the agenda was the planned flood protection in kirchaich. Jan-peter solveen and robert lutz from alka engineering presented the design and answered the committee’s questions. The purpose of the project is, on the one hand, to improve the flood situation in the center of the village of kirchaich and, on the other hand, to improve the appearance and thus the quality of life in the center of the village by means of suitable measures. The discharge capacity of the aurach is to be increased by suitable measures in order to reduce frequent flooding at the edge of the eastern part of the village. At the same time, the existing muhlbach is to be abandoned as such, since the kotzmuhle no longer uses the water of the muhlbach and no water rights exist any longer.

The muhlbach outside the village of kirchaich becomes south of the bridge "untere au" fed by spring water and still needed for the operation of the fish pond facilities southeast of kirchaich. This will continue to be possible.

The total cost of the acceptance is estimated at 410000 euro. The amount of the claim by the office for regional development is not known at present. However, the administration hopes to claim up to 50 percent. For this, as in comparable cases, a cost agreement must be concluded with the office for rural development (teilnehmergemeinschaft kirchaich).


For six councillors and a local spokesman, this was the last meeting of their term of office. "Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, we will not be able to hold the farewell ceremony in the usual form with the partners of the departing members and a joint festive meal", regretted mayor thomas sechser (CSU). But he promised to make up for it.

Manfred eichhorn can look back on 36 proud years as a member of the town council. In 1984, at the age of 24, he was elected to the board and immediately became the chairman of the young citizens’ group. From 2008, he then stood for the CSU, where he was also at the head of the parliamentary group until the end. In 2014, eichhorn was awarded the bronze medal of merit for his services to local government.

Christine stark was committed to the well-being of the community for 18 years. Among other things also six years as a fraction chairman of the "young burghers she was the initiator of the popular christmas market in kirch-aich. She made a strong case for the new building area "hinter der quelle". Social concerns were always at the forefront of her mind, so that she was also involved as the manager of the bookstore and was a member of the joint building committee for the construction of the new kindergarten in kirchaich.

Norbert gulta, thomas karg and tobias thomann were members of the town council for two terms, namely twelve years each. Reiner renner has been a local spokesman for his home village of fatschenbrunn for just as long. During the past six years, dieter dummler has represented neuschleichach excellently as a local councillor.

"You have all put your heart and soul into your voluntary work over the past years and have represented our community excellently and contributed to the further development and advancement of our community, mayor sechser praised them and also thanked the families of the board members for their understanding.