A forchheimer beer cellar in acyrl

A forchheimer beer cellar in acyrl

A couple dancing a tango in the dim red light, an old man with a bandoneon, two hairdressers at work: the fascination for people is clearly evident in the pictures by erika herlitz-lorenz and robert meyer. In between there are also works that show landscapes, architecture and abstract art.

Many of these acrylic works, ink paintings and drawings show the artist couple from the 4. Until the 19. October in the halls of the town hall of forchheim. Although they both live in the far north, in loxstedt near bremerhaven, erika herlitz-lorenz was born in forchheim and likes to come back home on vacation with her husband. That's why the two of them came up with the idea of exhibiting here. They are both excited and have been looking forward to the exhibition for weeks, says meyer. "We celebrate our creativity like others celebrate their birthdays", says herlitz-lorenz "we are happy to exhibit in these beautiful halls, it will be a feast, even if we do not sell much!"

Her latest series of pictures was taken on her last trip through franconia. The employees of franconian beer cellars have the native franconian in their sights: waitresses and beer tappers. About these motifs she says: "we love the french life and the french taverns, so it's not a coincidence that we paint that so much."

People at work are particularly interesting to her, also because of her full-time work as a psychoanalyst. Meyer, who worked as a cartographer, is retired and has plenty of time to work on his colorful landscapes, buildings and portraits in the joint studio. He also brings a few pictures with north german motifs to forchheim, where the north sea and the french switzerland meet in the form of art.

For the couple, it's best to exhibit "on the spot to paint, then the mood, the weather and the feelings of the moment were incorporated into the picture even more than if it was "sterile" in the studio arises. It is not only on such painting and hiking tours that the artists combine different hobbies with each other.

Erika herlitz-lorenz's own tango dancing also prompted her to create a series with dancers and musicians: "the immersion of the dancers in what they do simply fascinates us."

Getting to know each other under trees
The couple got to know each other through their common love of painting. The two met at a VHS class in 1988, drew trees and found each other. Since then they live and paint together, educate together and exhibit together. For the show in the rathaushallen, the artists have selected special works from the last 13 years and are now eagerly awaiting the vernissage on friday, 4 o'clock. October, at 7 p.M.: "we are looking forward to it and hope that a few people will come, too."

For the exhibition time in forchheim (mondays to fridays 11 a.M. To 5 p.M., saturdays and sundays 10 a.M. To 1 p.M.) the couple took extra leave to visit the rathaushallen from time to time and to celebrate the creativity with the visitors.