Rent dispute in hofles ends in scuffle

Rent dispute in hofles ends in scuffle

Not even 300 people live in the small kronach district of hofles. Everybody knows everybody. At the contemplative and otherwise so quiet place fall on tuesday at 9 am.52 o'clock several shots. An 87-year-old man allegedly shot at his 54-year-old tenant, who was seriously injured. Then, according to the police, he killed himself. According to the police, there was a rent dispute between them.

At 11 o'clock hofles is already completely cordoned off by the police. No one knows at midday exactly where the suspected perpetrator is and whether he is still alive. The special task force is on its way. Residents are horrified. They wait about 200 meters from the crime scene. There had been disputes between the landlord and the 54-year-old woman for a long time.

When the SEK arrived at around 12 o'clock, many of those waiting had dark memories. "Kronach again", says a man to an SEK police officer who is getting ready for action. This nods.

This year it came already for the third time in and around kronach to a terrible act. In february, a woman in the friesen district of kronach shot first her dogs, then herself. Also here the SEK had to print out.
In august, a woman was killed in the mcdonalds parking lot in marktrodach. Now hofles.

"Where is the object??", an SEK police officer asks a colleague. He points to the town center of hofles. The man had probably barricaded himself in the house. The operation lasts about an hour and a half. At the end the certainty: the suspected protector is dead. While the SEK leaves, the press spokeswoman informs about what, according to her findings, has happened: in the apartment of the 54-year-old woman there is said to have been a quarrel. The woman flees from the house and runs to the opposite side of the street to hide there. But then the shots fall. At the door of the opposite house the woman is hit in the arm and the belly. The 87-year-old flees about 50 meters away to his home. A painter working next door at the construction site tells police he then hoards another shot.

Police suspect 87-year-old man shot himself to death. He is found lifeless in front of the barn of his house. Where he got the gun is still unclear.

Residents go back into their homes. Everyone knows the people involved. The shock is deep-seated. Now the coburg criminal police are investigating.