High “dorit” gives germany a lot of sunshine

High 'dorit' gives germany a lot of sunshine

According to the meteorologists, up to 15 degrees celsius will be possible with plenty of sunshine, and it may even get a little warmer in wind-sheltered areas of the low mountain ranges.

The north of germany will be swept by the front of a low-pressure area over scandinavia on sunday, so that the sun there can also be covered by clouds. Further south it was allowed to remain with veil clouds. Since the sun is higher in the sky and shines longer at this time of year, winter sports enthusiasts, for example, should think about sun protection, the DWD advised.

At the start of the new week, the influence of high pressure fades; on monday evening, dense clouds and some rain move into germany from the northwest. Accordingly, tuesday and wednesday will be less sunny in the north and center of the country. There is expected light rain, while in the extreme south the sun continues to shine. The temperatures were allowed to reach a maximum of twelve degrees from tuesday. "The night frost will retreat to the south of germany and the highlands," said DWD meteorologist jacqueline kernn.