Frankish crown awaits its coronation

Frankish crown awaits its coronation

In a press interview, he had initially spoken rather casually about the recent nomination of the bayreuth opera house as a "world cultural heritage site" before he remarked briskly: "we can keep up with that – we certainly have comparable jewels in coburg"!" First of all he thinks of the "unique veste". He, michelbach, would be happy to help if such an attempt were made. "You just have to tackle it and then follow it up continuously."

"We must have long breath"

Well, the city of coburg has already formulated an application for the ensemble of the palace square, the courtyard garden and the veste. Klaus weschenfelder, head of the art collections at the veste, has been involved in the application, but thinks the chances are slim. "We must have a long breath", he had said in may 2011 at an event organized by the coburg CSU. First of all, coburg had to prevail in the state-wide competition; because bavaria – like every other federal state – is only allowed to submit two proposals, and the competition is with rothenburg ob der tauber, passau or even the palaces of king ludwig II. Enormous. But even if the conference of culture ministers – probably in 2014 – decides in favor of an object from coburg, the official list of possible further world cultural heritage sites will again be drawn up by unesco, probably in 2016 at the earliest.

Unesco wants to consider africa

Klaus weschenfelder also pointed out at the time that unesco was certainly trying to give world heritage titles to africa in particular, which had been somewhat neglected so far. At the event, klaus weschenfelder said: "every libyan fortress currently has a better chance of becoming a world cultural heritage site than coburg."