More solar power in a double pack

More solar power in a double pack

Two photovoltaic systems start operation in the uttenreuth administrative community in june. 1170 kilowatts are connected to the grid in total. Naturstrom AG implements the plants in cooperation with several burger energy cooperatives.

On the land of the former munitions depot in uttenreuth, the eco-electricity pioneer naturstrom has added a system with an installed capacity of 750 kilowatts to the free-standing solar park realized in 2014. At the end of may, the extension was connected to the grid and is expected to generate 7,700,000 kilowatt hours of electrical energy per year. As with the existing plant, three burger energy cooperatives are also involved in the new plant: the "energiewende erlangen and erlangen-hochstadt eg" (ewerg), the "burger-fur-burger-energie eg" (bfb) from the district of forchheim and the "klimaschutzerinnen eg" (climate users). This means that over 50 percent of the system is in burger hands.

Dieter emmerich, chairman of the ewerg, sees a major gain for the energy supply in the region: "this saves us in uttenreuth over 330 tons of CO2, which is climate protection in practice here on site." For barbara gabel-cunningham, member of the board of directors of the bfb, the expansion is also of great importance: "the energy transition away from fossil energy carriers to CO2 -free energy production is still primarily happening through local citizens and a few companies like naturstrom. Climate deterioration makes the switch ever more urgent. We will therefore continue on this path."

With the new plant, over 240 three-person households can be supplied with clean eco-electricity. The entire solar park in uttenreuth generates as much electricity as over 1100 three-person households consume on average.

The solar power generated will be sold by naturstrom AG and the cooperatives via the joint regional electricity product bavariastrom. "Every fifth kilowatt hour of eco-electricity produced in 2018 came from photovoltaics", says thomas E. Banning, chief executive officer of naturstrom, on the expansion. "However, in view of the fact that the cost of energy is close to the market parity and that photovoltaics will play a key role in all energy transition scenarios, the expansion of solar power must be accelerated significantly."

Action day with presentation

Only a few kilometers away from the solar park, a two-part roof-mounted photovoltaic system with a total installed capacity of 420.75 kilowatts was connected to the power grid on the land of the old brickworks in spardorf at the beginning of june. The doctor’s house in the maukhalle is now supplied with solar power as a result. This project is also a collaboration between naturstrom AG and ewerg. The system on the eastern roof belongs to the cooperative, the western system to the eco-energy provider. Surplus electricity from the plants flows into the public grid.

The heat supply in the maukhalle is also designed to be sustainable. Hot water and hot water for drinking are provided by ground collectors and a heat pump powered by bavaria electricity, which raises the earth’s heat to heating temperature.

On 13. July from 10 a.M. To 4 p.M., ewerg and naturstrom will present the joint project at an action day with e-car rides, a gluckrad and a children’s program at the maukhalle.