From the traditional kitzmann brewery: brand lives on in kulmbach

From the traditional kitzmann brewery: brand lives on in kulmbach

Erlanger private brewery kitzmann announced the end of the company. On september 30. September, owner and managing director peter kitzmann ceased operations. With the closure, all 35 employees lose their jobs. At least the brand will continue to exist.

The rights to the kitzmann beers have been secured by the kulmbacher brewery. The stock corporation from upper franconia will in future produce erlangen beer in its own breweries and according to its own recipes. Kitzmann labels should continue to be found in restaurants and beverage markets, as well as at the erlangen bergkirchweih. The guesthouse attached to the brewery is also to remain open.

Explosive detail: kitzmann told his employees at a works meeting on 28 june of this year. On september, he announced the end of the company. On the same day, he informed the public that the kulmbacher group would take over the rights to the brand. If initial reactions from the brewery’s environment are to be believed, the move came as a surprise to most of those affected.

35 employees lose their jobs

Since there was no works council at the kitzmann company, the employees were caught unprepared by the layoffs, a spokeswoman for the food and hospitality workers’ union (NGG) explained in response to a question. For the time being, it is unclear what will happen to the 35 dismissed workers. Kitzmann promises to use his personal networks to support them. According to media reports, the production site in the city center has already been acquired by a major developer from erlangen. The future of the sales and administration site in herzogenaurach is still open.

But how did it come to this?? Kitzmann himself did not want to comment to our newspaper. In a written communication he gives among other things personal reasons. In addition, rising raw material and energy costs had put a strain on the company and beer sales had been on the decline since 1990. "Efforts to save the brewery were unsuccessful despite all efforts", it remains. The closure was the "most difficult decision" of his life, according to kitzmann.