A house of music as a success story

A house of music as a success story

Anyone walking through the town hall courtyard in wiesentheid in the afternoon or evening will usually find an instrument being played. Directly behind the municipality’s administrative headquarters, the municipality has a house of music, which is used primarily by the steigerwald singing and music school and the wiesentheid music society (MGV). The building, whose creation and construction was largely driven by former mayor walter hahn, has been in existence for exactly ten years. The tenth anniversary will be on sunday, 21. October, will be an open house, with many instrumental groups presenting and opportunities for children to try out the instruments.

A good 180 children and young people are currently learning an instrument at the steigerwald singing and music school, which is headed by hans-joachim kramer. Around 100 lessons are given weekly in the six rooms available in the building. From individual lessons to rehearsals for the children’s choir or the music school band, the offer ranges. At the music club, those responsible are happy that they have an ideal rehearsal location for the orchestra in the large room on the first floor. "We were previously passed around in the village and were looking for a clubhouse", describes it chairman wolfgang lurati.

He agrees with hans-joachim kramer on the question of what the gebaude created in 2008 means. It was "the best thing that could have happened" for both the association and the music school was. The cooperation between the two has become much better and easier as a result. The music club can find out which children from the region are learning instruments in the singing and music school and ask them if they want to come to the rehearsal.

The whole thing is bearing fruit, not only with the children’s choir of the music and singing club, which has emerged from the music school. "In the last few years, we have had at least 20 young musicians from the music school, many of whom are still active with us", says lurati. Members of the MGV are also involved in the music school as leaders of joint projects.

The owner of the striking dark-red building in the center of town, which is used not only for music, is the market town of wiesentheid. The municipality has housed its archives there, and groups and clubs meet in smaller rooms in the evenings after classes at the music school have ended. In the mornings, the family center takes place there, which is an offer for young mothers with their small children. The adult education center also rents the rooms for courses, usually on weekends, if they are free. The singing and music school rents the rooms, the music club also pays for its lessons.

The repeatedly used building has become a small success story. "It’s a meeting place, all ages come and go here, from toddlers to the male choir, says lurati. The music club and the singing and music school want to celebrate the tenth anniversary together. The event starts on sunday at 2 pm, followed by various contributions and concerts. In addition, the individual instrumental sections are shown, which children can learn there, from the harp to cello, piano, to trumpet or violin. The world shop takes care of the catering.